Termite Inspection and Treatment Dalby, Chinchilla and the Western Downs

At Lloyd Courtney Pest Control we will look after you when it comes to prompt and reliable service. We also put an emphasis on customer service from the time you engage us until the job is finished. When it comes to termite inspections we are there to serve your needs.

Termite Inspection Western Downs.

We have a keen eye for spotting evidence of termite activity. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your property, we begin by inspecting your yard and the exterior of your buildings for any termite activity, if there is enough room we inspect the subfloor. Then we move on to the interior where we look for evidence of termite activity and we also check in the roof cavity.

Some tips to reduce your risk of termites invading your property are:

  • Remove timber old branches and dead trees from your yard.
  • Don’t have garden beds against your house.
  • Keep your firewood away from your house.
  • Try to dry out any areas where moisture is present in your yard.

Termite Treatments Western Downs

If we find an indication of termite activity in your home them we will come up with an effective plan to treat them. We can treat the termites that we find and we can help to stop them from entering your property.  If they have already begun to damage your property we can work with your builder to prevent any further damage.  A Preventative Measure is a much better option than a treatment. This means that you can take action before they become an issue. We can treat areas around the house and drill into concrete and treat underneath.

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