Our Warranty

How our warranty works?

At Lloyd Courtney Pest Control we make every effort to do the job right the first time saving you the inconvenience of having to call us to come back. We also recognise that things don’t always go to plan and we offer a 12 month service period on our Cockroaches, Ants and Spiders treatments. The service period covers ants and cockroaches for the interior of your home only and spiders for the interior and exterior of your structures that are treated.


Please note that during a pest treatment we apply small amounts of pesticides in key areas that pests like to hide and traverse these are called chemical barriers. These barriers will not stop pests from entering your home or business, what they will do is manage pest populations preventing them becoming a problem.

When do you call us after you have had us treat your home for pests?

If you are seeing one or two live pests post treatment do not be too concerned as these may have entered your home and need a little bit of time for the chemical to take affect. If you are finding dead pests it is a good sign that our treatment is effective. It takes at least two weeks post treatment for many of the pests that are in your home to come in contact with the chemicals the are applied in your property. During this time many pests will be forced out of their hiding spaces so you may notice what seems to be a small increase in pests within your property so wait at least a fortnight for things to settle before contacting us.