Complete General Pest Control Treatment

An Interior and  Exterior Treatment conducted by Lloyd Courtney Pest Control Dalby, Chinchilla and the Western Downs will exterminate pests like spiders, ants, cockroaches and silverfish. This treatment takes approximately 14 days to show its true effects and is completely safe when the chemical has dried onto a surface.

You can make the Interior and Exterior Treatment more effective by:

  • Keeping walls clear of clutter and furniture.
  • Minimizing pest access to food sources. For example: keeping kitchen benchtops crumb free and storing food into sealed containers.
  • Dust Skirtings.
  • Mop before a treatment. Wait 14 days to mop again to allow the treatment to maximise its effect.
  • Provide easy access to sheds.
  • Removing rubbish, branches or clutter from around the yard.
  • Hose down the external of the building if webs have been a problem.